Friday, February 6, 2009

A Brief History

Project MK-ULTRA or MKULTRA is a government project that started in 1948 and studies mind control through chemical interrogation and other means.  The project was first run by Sidney Gottlieb, Frank Olson and William Sargant. Although MK-ULTRA is most recognized with the LSD testing in the 1950's and 1960's, they have been involved with many other mind control related testing.  MK-ULTRA has tested interrogation through fear of deadly animals and Subproject 54, which through "perfect concussion" tried to erase the memories of U.S. submarine crew.  Some of the most secret projects in U.S. history all took place under MK-ULTRA, such as Projects Paperclip, Chatter, Bluebird and Artichoke.  Many of the scientists that worked under MK-ULTRA were former Nazis who had been convected of war crimes and then smuggled into the United States by the CIA.  One of the most bizarre and successful programs of MK-ULTRA was Project PINECOMB, which attempted to raise a couple hundred super psychologists  that would go undercover and infiltrate radio, print and television media in order to push a broad mind control campaign.  This project was initially to be focused at radio after the War of the Worlds broadcast interested the Army in the effects of media and psychology.  The first 40 super psychologists were born and raised together in a secure facility in Nevada.  They were all born in 1948 and studied psychology for 6 hours a day.  Every year another 40 kids would be born and raised through project PINECOMB.  Another interesting project was Operation Midnight Climax, in which the CIA opened brothels and would secretly give men LSD and then watch them have sex through one way mirrors.  It was done in brothels because the men would be to embarrassed to report the incident to local police.  In 1964 MK-ULTRA changed names to Project MK-SEARCH.   Some of the famous CIA agents that were part of MK-ULTRA were Timothy Learly, Tom Wolfe and Ken Kesey.  The book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is about some of the MK-ULTRA work they did. 
In 1973 Congress found out about the project through the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission, the program was said to be shut down.  CIA director Richard Helms ordered all files destroyed.  Although some files still remain the CIA has blacked out most of the names in the released documents.  After 1973 the project changed names again.  There are many rumors about the current name of MK-ULTRA but none that can be verified.  After 1973 the CIA cut the budget of MK-ULTRA from 6 percent of their budget to less then 1 percent.  All LSD testing came to a stop as well as project PINECOME continued to operate, but did not recruit any new children.  Post 1973 MK-ULTRA focuses on interrogation of prisoners of war and media publicity.  In 1996 psychiatrist Carole Lieberman was named the head of MK-ULTRA and remains in charge.  Little is known about MK-ULTRA today except that they are involved with the ongoing battle of the definition of torture, and are supposedly publishing children's books as part of an ongoing propaganda campaign.  Dr. Lieberman is believed to be one of the first 40 children that were part of project PINECOMB.
MK-ULTRA has been plagued with failure from the beginning, and has been a constant thorn in the side of the CIA.  All of the LSD testing proved nothing, and Subproject was utterly unsuccessful.  The only successful project was project PINECOMB which is the main function of MK-ULTRA today.


  1. Anonymous4/07/2009

    This does not shock me one bit. The CIA scares the shit out of me. I know they are bugging my phones and I think they follow me around when I go to the the supermarket. Is it true that carole lieberman runs it now? Thank god she lives in bevery hills and I live 3000 miles away.

    1. Anonymous1/06/2013

      Of course were bugging your phone and following you around, but only because were bored and its hallarious!!!!

  2. Anonymous4/13/2009

    Do you really think 3000 miles will stop her. The CIA has a thing called an AIRPLANE. If she wants to follow you; then she will. Also carol does not run MK-ULTRA a guy named Dr. Keith Ablow does. Carol works for him. She and her sister Mari Edelman publish kids books in Beverly Hills that try to push a socialist agenda.

  3. I think that Keith Ablow is CIA. Can't be sure if he is Pinecomb or not. So does Ablow run all of MK-ULTRA?

  4. Anonymous5/09/2009

    The month of July has always held a special importance to me because of Independence Day where we celebrate freedom from tyranny by using explosives.
    Celebrating freedom from tyranny and oppression takes on a more profound meaning with each passing year as our own government tumbles down the very chasm of despotism our Founding Fathers so nobly liberated us from 233 years ago. I suppose in our modern world old fashioned ideas such as the right to bear arms, the right to remain free of rampant government intrusion into our lives, and the freedom to speak your mind without being branded a terrorist have no place.
    Quite soon Independence Day will ring hollow, an ironic fedgov holiday in a nation where all fireworks, firearms, and chemicals are banned. A holiday where we kneel before the godless altar of multiculturalism and liberalism to murmur prayers of tolerance, but only of state approved ideas. Our great nation, and its independent people, are free to never question, never think, never stand out, never challenge, never disobey. As long as we remain ignorant docile sheep the fedgov will leave us alone and herd us along to the slaughterhouse with minimal expense and expenditure of ammunition. Oh how free we are, free to do only as they say.
    I am still plagued by that most dreaded of afflictions called hope. I am filled with hope for our nation and the world, at least until hope is outlawed by the fedgov. I know things will get much worse for the people of America, our freedoms will be stripped away by each heavy lash of the fedgov's legal whip until our bare bone is exposed. Once our nation is stripped bare of resources, its people ground under the heel of fedgov jackboots, and our streets spattered with the blood of uncontrolled violence, only then will the apathy evaporate and the people stand together to demand change.
    Some of us have a lower threshold for tyranny than others. Those of us who are not content to be treated as mere sheep for slaughter tend to penetrate the veil of the lies of advertising and media propaganda. Someday, and soon by the looks of things. Years from now I hope the knowledge gleaned during the brief existence of this site will be put to good use abolishing tyranny and taking back the freedoms that are rightfully ours.

    1. It is now 2018 and tyanny prevails in Amerika with a facist Prezident. Operation Paperclip let the Nazi element into the CIA and they took their weird science with them. It looks like they took over the CIA, Western Banking, and the Oval Office.

  5. Anonymous5/28/2009

    Keith Ablow scares the SHIT out of me.

  6. Anonymous7/19/2009

    Dr. Ablow run MKULTRA and was a super psychologist in project pinecomb. When is the people going to wake up and realize the truth is out there.

  7. Please take a moment to watch my LSD Documentary film I have posted in four parts at youtube.

    It features a new interveiw with Ram Dass. Paul Krassner of the YIPPIES, and features one of the preachers involved in Tim Leary's Miricle of Good friday Experiment. Plus the CIA's LSD Brothel is located in San Francisco...please share with other open minded folks

    here is link

  8. Anonymous8/07/2009

    It is a game of Chess

    The Bad Guys
    King = Obama
    Queen = Clinton
    Bishops = Keith Ablow / Alan Combs
    Knights = Carole Lieberman / Al Franken
    Castles = Acorn / mainstream media
    Pawns = Steve Bunney, George Clooney, Jose Delgado, Mari Edelman, Brad Pitt, Marina Picciotto, Loren Rothschild and Gary Rowe

    The Good Guys

    1. Anonymous5/17/2013

      Good Guys = me. have a nice day.

      John Moeller is my abuser and if it pleases the gods he will soon be seeing the inside of the Courts for Human Rights Abuses. Yes, MK continues....but not for much longer.

      CIA....I want to be reimbursed for my life....tell me how to do that. When I call you, you hang up on me. I have read other survivors are asking for compensation....why deny any of us any longer. You made our lives now you can pay for the help we need. Careers lost.....families hurt. You have A LOT of explaining to do.

      When you see this, please immediately send me a claim form to: Trevor Hitchin / 909 North 15th Street Boise Idaho 83702. . . .you need to put your ' md dogs' on a leash and the ones with rabies...a la Moeller, well, they need to go to the clinic, put on the defendant stand - society will be safer this way - and let the Hague decide what to do with Hitler's echo. Get on it boys...and girls I want to have the CIA pay for the life you took.

      My evidence is coming to you as well as the UN and the Courts and if there are ANY questions, well, you send Keith to see me..... Stop the torture at UCLA and every one of your other hell holes you created on this planet. Your day in Court awaits.

      Shame on UCLA and Torrance Memorial Hospital..... Palos Verdes houses Nazis....and they are about to be exposed to the Jews and ALL good people of the world. See 'CIA Doctors' for the details..... then x-files '95 and loooooook real closely. The truth is 'in there'....and 'out here'.... oh and if the UN sees this, please arrest John Moeller and I will provide testimony.....and evidence. Here, there...anywhere..... contact me.

      Only the truth will set 'us' free.

      Peace to all survivors - Justice is coming. Hang on.

    2. Anonymous5/17/2013

      morning has broken....namaste

  9. Anonymous8/29/2009

    Fuck the Liberals !!!!!!

  10. Anonymous9/15/2009

    Keith Ablow is a Dumbfuck. I bet Mari Edelman Ph.D. is running everything. I bet she did not even get a Ph.D. just another government lie.

  11. Anonymous9/27/2009

    Why is keith ablow not mentioned in Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain but mari edleman is? why is mari not on TV like carol and keith.

  12. "Capital is money, capital is commodities. By virtue of it being value, it has acquired the occult ability to add value to itself. It brings forth living offspring, or, at the least, lays golden eggs."

    -Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain

  13. Anonymous11/15/2009

    That Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain sounds like some scary shit. Has anyone read "The Coming Insurrection"? That is what our country is going to become.

  14. Anonymous2/01/2010

    Looks like one man is going to stand up to Mari Edelman Phd

    This is a repost

    Robert Flagstad Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 6:37 pm
    I had a friend Mark Wagner, which he had a job at U.C.L.A. washing down the lab at night in 1975. He got this job as his mother worked there. He told me they pay money to test something called bio feedback, new at the time. I being 18 years old signed up for it. It was at the neuropsychiatric institute at U.C.L.A. I went for my first session and I had a reaction to the glue that the electrodes were stuck to me. So I could not proceed. Some time later Mark said they had another experiment that paid even more, 100.00 dollars to test a cold virus. I was told that they would give me a dead cold virus and I would get a little sniffle and then recover all in about an hour. I went to my appointment where I was put in a hospital bed; an I.V. was put in my arm and supposedly EEG electrodes were put on my head. The doctor brought several other people into watch. I was administered something in the I.V. I was waiting for it to give me the sniffles, when it felt like a grenade went off in my head. I have never felt more pain in my entire life. I blacked out from the pain. I have been in bad auto accidents and I have fallen 50 ft. on to rocks. These were nothing in comparison. When I awoke I couldn’t help but notice everyone that had witnessed what had happened were smirking or smiling, one woman was almost laughing. I asked what had happened. I was told matter of fact, I had a severer reaction.
    I had learned of MK ultra through reading and told a friend of what had happened to me in Bruin territory. He casually told me to goggle it. I almost shit my pants when I googled U.C.L.A MK ultra. I now suspect I was given shock treatment and god or they no what else. I have a great distrust in the medical profession since this happened and even more now that I have discovered the truth. I have considered a lawsuit. I may picket there entrance with my story in the hopes they try to sue me for liable.

    1. Anonymous1/22/2013

      Mr. Flagstad:

      I am sorry for your 'UCLA Ruins' experience and the pain/shame/TORTURE which you survived. Remember, survival is the best revenge, but money will help. To that end....

      I would like to talk to you about joining me in a class-action suit against OUR abusers UCLA-NPI and the Board of Regents of UCLA as ALL of them are aware of Nurenburg Human Rights Violations at their 'teaching' facility and campuses. If Penn State can fall, well, so can UCLA and the others..... it has been going on TOO fn long.

      If the Queen holds the strings, she will need a legacy of what she did once she knew of the atrocities of torture, on US soil where disclosed. In my mind, it is the least GB can do for allowing English (not German) to be the language of the Empire post '45. I believe many Countries will join GB in allowing us, the zAmerican survivors of Torture, to be heard in a Court. Embarrassing enough that the US has not helped our cause. ..... they paid the Canadians and I have calls into the CIA. They want to talk but really, I want it to end, never to be repeated.

      Thank you for sharing with the world the truth, now it is time to find that special firm that can doll out the financial pain and help restore Justice and Freedom to the American victims of German Re-engineering (ala x-files and x-men, see season 2 '95).

      I would like to list Dr. Feinberg in my suit (and will) as he had a choice to help a victim/survivor and did not. . . . . no one at UCLA wanted to help me. Shame on them.

      The UN is now involved and the Haugue is in the wings.... we can stop the human testing once those people involved are brought to the light, yes, the internet has a way of helping those who need it the most. . . .individuals need to be named, and they will, will FACTS to support the Human Rights Abuses.

      America is ready to stand behind its victims and there are thousand of us.... if the Banks can be slapped with $35 Billion in fines for robo-signing, I think UCLA can pay for the lives they stole.....and Yale, and Harvard, and Standford et al.

      Please join me in putting some wood behind this arrow. Afterall, we lost millions of souls fighting Hitler's evil, the NAZIS, so that an email like this would never have to be written, from America some 60 years post WW2.

      If any survivors wish to contact me, please reply on this site.


      Trevor D. Hitchin - Boise, Idaho
      r.a. 777

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  17. Anonymous6/04/2011

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  19. Anonymous4/21/2012

    Look, none of you have realized the truth and scope of the Project MK-Ultra. MK-Ultra isn't a 'future threat wherein Government will control us completely', it's a right here, right now threat, because the Government does control us! They are using the power of mental suggestion, hypnosis, and subtle telepathy to control and influence us! Everything is a game to the Gvernment! They start wars and crash economies, because they fucking can! When will you idiots realize they already control us completely? The only thing we can do is overthrow all Governments and execute them. We need a damn revolution RIGHT NOW!

    1. Anonymous11/27/2013

      Little late for a revolution... already have weaponized cell towers che trails and haarp, they can knock a thousand people on their ass in seconds. Plus they are recruiting their own little stasi citizen(traitors)police and they growing rapidly ass the sheep are just grazing....and are going to be blindsided soon. From 350000 targeted citizens to a million already being used basically to recruit and train the perps (traitors) stasi citizen police. From there....go figure!

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  34. Anonymous3/27/2013

    Your hard earned tax dollars hard at work on a slow invisible plausibly deniable genocide of the elite's misfits. YOU & ME!!! Organized gangstalking is partly responsible for our economy's breakdown, because such wastefulness is fruitless, and the money, time, and energy spent on such lunatic agendas such as MK Ultra, socialist behavior modification Gestapo style, etc. had only gone straight down the drain, and for what? NOTHING!!! but perhaps if it's any consolation at least it fattened someone's sad ego. That's right America, the rich and powerful are very PROUD and will never admit defeat. They would rather continue with their dead and obsolete program and relentlessly harass innocent law abiding citizens who can't fight back just for kicks at every hard working Americans' expense. Just know that every time a child goes hungry in America (6 million and counting); or a homeless person can't find housing; and perhaps someone can't find work; It's only because your hard earned tax dollars were spent and wasted on such LOST CAUSE DELUSIONAL MIND CONTROL AGENDA: while secretly maintaining hundreds and thousands of UNBREAKABLE, FEARLESS, and DESENSITIZED government owned "White Elephants" across the nation, who are hardened over the years, and will never back-down no matter what; who will fight to the death to survive. Psychological Warfare does NOT work on TI's on the know. Once a TI is educated and well informed of this dirty little scam: ALL BETS ARE OFF!!! TI's on the know would rather die than surrender to fraudulent god wannabe lunatics. 

    But then again who actually pays for all of this wasteful stupidity? YOU! The hard working tax payer, and YOU! The innocent needy person who can't find city resources due to lack of funding, or YOU! The family who just lost your beautiful home on foreclosure. So whenever you see gangstalking on YouTube, know that your hard earned money funded these crimes to humanity. FYI: Watch Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show about "Brain Invaders" on YouTube and be on the know to what's really happening in America. And TI's, NO! you're NOT going crazy. These hate groups are the crazy ones for trying so hard to destroy your lives. AND NO! DON'T EVEN TRY IT ! YOU CAN'T REASON WITH PSYCHOPATHS ON A POWER TRIP! Simply move on with your lives, enjoy life, and love yourselves, and your loved ones. But never ever be controlled in any way shape or form by these calculating conniving psychotic obsessed control pigs. Whenever you encounter their parasitic poodles, simply LOOK AWAY AND WALK AWAY!

    Don't ever fret, because GOD has a wonderful surprise for all assassin factories. Reality check for everyone: NOBODY LIVES FOREVER! Innocent victims of organized gangstalking who suffered from these horrendous crimes to humanity will be compensated a hundred times over one day. TI's Rejoice! Because: ONLY GOD HAS THE FINAL WORD!!! GOD'S justice is swift, final, and inescapable. It comes like a "thief in the night". And TI's: try to forgive your enemies, because GOD REALLY HATES MURDERERS and HATERS ABOVE ALL!!! 

    "And Moses said unto Ramses: Let God's children go! But the pharaoh was just too proud, and didn't fear God" 

    1. Anonymous11/27/2013

      I couldn't have said it better if I tried! TI, s are basically recruiting stasi (traitor psychopaths) and then we have to train the dumb bastards as the government (subontractors above the law) gives the psychopaths military grade electromagnetic weapons to then use on us and learn how we defend ourselves and the effects of surrounding one person with about 20 old friendneighbors to whom have been told horrific lies about the target, and then just sit back and coach or give bigger better weapons as you outsmart them like we have a chance in hell. We are warriors as the government mind fucks you and destroys your life as it is obviously to bazzarr of a story to believe by your family because they (neighbors) are our friends they wouldn't do that! The neighbors know you know obviously but also know you can't do a fucking thing about it as the traitors pull the wool over your families face and still act as friends...fucking cowards are what they are working for the corrupt government that is broke but pays the traitors well, buys the closest house to you and they additionally train and supply from that house...those neighbors got a damn nice house down in Florida now compliments of our broke government, fortunately I live in ten acres with surveillance but its a matter of time as you can only take so much radiation and your family thinks your nuts even with so much evidence and airplanes and helicopters pets missing all your electronics fucked with, car destroyed by jammers......well enough said ..I do not fear death at the least and will go down when the only constitutional amendment they haven't broke on me is the second amendment ...and that's when they pull that one from my dead cold hands. Psalms37 (its hard to abide by)

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  39. Seems MK-ULTRA is alive and well, with the co-operation of the Canadian and provincial governments, that aid and abet, with covert human experimentation. Medical records and X-ray at discloses unauthorized lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec, 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy.(ie-"scar tissue removal") Not only does this information correlate with Manchurian Candidate developmental research according to The Mind Stealers by Samuel Chavkin, and the Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin, it also correlates with the CIA MK-ULTRA project of psychosurgical and brain implant research, upon unwitting subjects. Those subjects being myself, and other children who suffer epilepsy at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. I recall neurosurgical wards 5-G and 6-G, full of children with various cranium incisions, screaming verbal profanities at Dr. Harold J. Hoffman, for what he did to their brains. Hoffman is noted for having 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1998. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 10% to 1/3, have been exploited for unauthorized brain surgical research. (1500-5000 children) Now we have some serious insight as to why former CIA Director Richard Helms destroyed all the MK-ULTRA files, back in 1973. How many David Li's will it take, til we recognize that this crime deserves government attention?

  40. We need to include the NSA in the MK programs . There is a huge NSA mirrored glass covered MKUltra NSA building in FT. Mead Maryland. The CIA and the NSA work closely together. Both have the.same agenda, serve the same powers; and believe me, the Operation Paperclip generated programs are far from defunct!

  41. Ken Kesey was NOT a CIA agent...he didn't even know they were running the LSD experiments back then!!

  42. High profile targeted individual reveals all by exposing FBI and U.S. Government misdeeds…