Friday, February 6, 2009

A Brief History

Project MK-ULTRA or MKULTRA is a government project that started in 1948 and studies mind control through chemical interrogation and other means.  The project was first run by Sidney Gottlieb, Frank Olson and William Sargant. Although MK-ULTRA is most recognized with the LSD testing in the 1950's and 1960's, they have been involved with many other mind control related testing.  MK-ULTRA has tested interrogation through fear of deadly animals and Subproject 54, which through "perfect concussion" tried to erase the memories of U.S. submarine crew.  Some of the most secret projects in U.S. history all took place under MK-ULTRA, such as Projects Paperclip, Chatter, Bluebird and Artichoke.  Many of the scientists that worked under MK-ULTRA were former Nazis who had been convected of war crimes and then smuggled into the United States by the CIA.  One of the most bizarre and successful programs of MK-ULTRA was Project PINECOMB, which attempted to raise a couple hundred super psychologists  that would go undercover and infiltrate radio, print and television media in order to push a broad mind control campaign.  This project was initially to be focused at radio after the War of the Worlds broadcast interested the Army in the effects of media and psychology.  The first 40 super psychologists were born and raised together in a secure facility in Nevada.  They were all born in 1948 and studied psychology for 6 hours a day.  Every year another 40 kids would be born and raised through project PINECOMB.  Another interesting project was Operation Midnight Climax, in which the CIA opened brothels and would secretly give men LSD and then watch them have sex through one way mirrors.  It was done in brothels because the men would be to embarrassed to report the incident to local police.  In 1964 MK-ULTRA changed names to Project MK-SEARCH.   Some of the famous CIA agents that were part of MK-ULTRA were Timothy Learly, Tom Wolfe and Ken Kesey.  The book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is about some of the MK-ULTRA work they did. 
In 1973 Congress found out about the project through the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission, the program was said to be shut down.  CIA director Richard Helms ordered all files destroyed.  Although some files still remain the CIA has blacked out most of the names in the released documents.  After 1973 the project changed names again.  There are many rumors about the current name of MK-ULTRA but none that can be verified.  After 1973 the CIA cut the budget of MK-ULTRA from 6 percent of their budget to less then 1 percent.  All LSD testing came to a stop as well as project PINECOME continued to operate, but did not recruit any new children.  Post 1973 MK-ULTRA focuses on interrogation of prisoners of war and media publicity.  In 1996 psychiatrist Carole Lieberman was named the head of MK-ULTRA and remains in charge.  Little is known about MK-ULTRA today except that they are involved with the ongoing battle of the definition of torture, and are supposedly publishing children's books as part of an ongoing propaganda campaign.  Dr. Lieberman is believed to be one of the first 40 children that were part of project PINECOMB.
MK-ULTRA has been plagued with failure from the beginning, and has been a constant thorn in the side of the CIA.  All of the LSD testing proved nothing, and Subproject was utterly unsuccessful.  The only successful project was project PINECOMB which is the main function of MK-ULTRA today.